DIVNOE™ oil is produced by OAO ASTON industrial facilities.

ASTON is one of the largest food and food ingredient manufacturing companies inRussia, leading exporter of agricultural products and vegetable oils. The Company of the Year National Business Award winner nominated in Potential and Perspectives, Food Industry, Implementation of Effective Energy Saving and Environmental Technologies. Among ASTON’s awards there is the grand prize of The Best Product - 2012 international contest.

According to the National Business Rating data OAO ASTON is acknowledged as the Leader of RUSSIA – 2013 among the largest companies manufacturing purified vegetable oils and fats.

The company was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Rostov-on-Don.

Business strategy of ASTON Group aims at issuing of high quality, ecologically clean food products made from Russian raw materials using the cutting-edge technologies.

ASTON has competitive advantages over the other manufacturers of the industry due to the gained experience, well-organized manufacturing technology, tendency to use the high level equipment and the latest technological developments.

Company has gained the unspoiled reputation of the high quality food product manufacturer, the trust of consumers and business partners. ASTON products are supplied to all the regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic states and other countries.